Just do it!

Waiting for the perfect timing, the perfect decision, the perfect way to put it ,……. You will wait forever!

so many senior managers, CEOs or company owners stall and delay decision making because they are afraid of making the wrong decision.  “What if I make the wrong decision? how much will it cost me?” …. Well from my point of view, waiting for the perfect decision will cost you much more than deciding and moving forward.  Even if you decide on something and turns out to be a wrong decision, you have the mistake to learn from and become better able in the future to make the right decision.   But delaying, stalling and hesitating will make you stand still.  You will not learn from a good or bad experience because you will not have an experience to learn from.  The worst thing in the world is standing still.


Moving forward is always the way to grow and become better. And believe it or not even wrong decisions and mistakes are a form of moving forward because you learn from the experience and use it to grow.

I am not saying of course being hasty, but once you have the information you need and you studied your move right, make up your mind and take action. Don’t stall and hesitate.

Stop wasting opportunities and “Just do it!”  ….