3 Signs of Project Mis-Management

If you are managing a project, be careful not to fall into one of the following pitfalls:

1- Underestimating: Sometimes there are clear signs that problems are bound to occur, but project managers tend to see them as normal ‘everyday costs’ or just small things that have to happen.  These small things can be major problems and can turn your project into a complete failure.  For example: A supplier of a product was supposed to deliver on a certain day but instead he is two days late in delivery.   Some people might think it is ok, only two days is not a big issue especially that this supplier was never late before.  These two days in fact can turn into a big cost on your project and can delay the entire delivery and hence jeopardize customer satisfaction.  It can also be a sign that this supplier is starting to have problems and that there is a risk he might shut down or at least cause more troubles in the future.  A true project manager should have an eye for such problems.  YES, he should think in a positive manner but never underestimate a problem.

2- Distorting: Some project managers think that they are always right, so when something wrong happens they work hard to stick the reasons on anything or anyone else.   I read a case about a marketing manager who did a marketing campaign for the launch of a new product but the response was so weak and sales figures were so low.  She insisted that there was nothing wrong with her strategy and this was the effect of the 9/11 aftermath!!! her competitors though launched their campaigns successfully at the same time and there was a very good market response for them.  She distorted herself from seeing the right reasons of her failure and instead attributed them for something else.

3- Dismissing: Some project managers like to ignore signs of trouble, they just dismiss any evidence of a problem and pretend that everything is going well.  They think that this way nothing will go wrong, in fact problems will keep growing until they turn into a crisis.

These are only 3 of the pitfalls Project Managers could fall into, I would love to hear other things from my readers….Can you think of other signs of Mis-Management? Please share your thoughts


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