Beijing olympics – Just a thought to share

Beijing Olympics 2008 is a great example of good management and planning.  China did not only gain the first position in the medals table but also they doubled their score of medals compared to Athens Olympics 2004.

You cannot reach such a great success without good planning and management.  I am sure that once China knew they were organizing the event in 2008, they started planning not only for organizing the event but also to be the winners of it.  Years of planning, preparation and good management resulted in reaching the ultimate goal.

If they wasted their time fighting over who manages the event or over who does what, they would not have succeeded the way they did.  Also if they had not put a well studied plan and made sure to execute it and stick to it no matter what, they would not have made such a great score of medals.

If we compare their success to what happens in business, when we are managing a project, you will find out that it is exactly the same concept.  If you want to finish your work right, with high quality and on time, then you have to think well, plan well, execute well and manage the execution well.  If you do that, you will be sure to reach your goals to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

It is also a great example of team work. Again a good manager can make a team work in harmony and produce quality results.  On the other hand a bad manager will cause problems and divide his team, which in turn will cause delays and affect the quality of the results.