The 1 “Killer” Mistake That Project Managers Make…and Why They Keep Making It!

VERY TRUE … I have been in this situation, the GM of the company committed to a deadline to deliver a project and I was the project manager and I did the mistake of not having the courage to stop him. The result was agony. We took double the time to deliver the project because the deadline he committed to was extremely not realistic given the requirements. It was a nightmare and the customer was furious and by the time I finally delivered and the project worked successfully the whole team was worn out and under stress for too long!
Ever since this experience I learnt the lesson and I never allowed it to happen again!

Dale Myers' Blog: Think. Plan. Act. Repeat.

Business Man on phone in distressBeing a project manager is hard work. You have to deal with team members, sponsors, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other nosey types that all have opinions. Some of these folks love to sit around and dissect every action and decision that a project manager makes. Often they are just looking for something to criticize. When they find a perceived mistake, they have the nerve to call it “educational,” or worse, a “learning moment.”

Who needs this crap, right?

As I’ve written in the past, mistakes happen (see my post, When Bad Things Happen to Good Leaders”, December 2012). It’s how you deal with mistakes, and how you learn from them that matters.

“There are no failures – just experiences and your  reactions to them.”  ~ Tom Krause

There’s one mistake that I often see Project Managers make from which it’s hard to recover. It sits at…

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