Do you believe yourself?

When you blame your employees for every mistake, do you really believe yourself? is it their fault all the time or did you do something wrong that caused the problem and you don’t want to admit it?

In this article statistics are shocking:

The study of 700 people by Florida State University’s College of Business found that nearly a third of workers in the past 12 months had experienced the “silent treatment” from their manager or supervisor.

This rose to 37 per cent who said their manager had failed to give credit when it was due, with a similar percentage complaining their supervisor made negative comments about them to other employees or managers.

Nearly four of 10 said their supervisor had failed to keep his or her promises and a nearly a quarter said he or she had invaded their privacy.”

Be honest with yourself and judge, do you really do these mistakes? I believe that often employees under-perform because their managers fail to get the best out of them.

Check out this list and if you do any of that, you need to erect your path and make a new start with your employees:

1- Do you promise and fail to fulfil?

2- Do you fail to acknowledge achievements and good results?

3- Do you focus your recognition on a couple of super performers and supress the rest?

4- Do you fail to have a clear performance evaluation criteria and methodology?

5- Do you micromanage?

6- Do you fail to offer an effective training and development program?

7- Do you fail to become a role model in time management, planning and throughput?

8- Do you fail to win the trust and respect of your employees?

If you have even a one yes from the list then you need to work on yourself before judging your employees.