The 8 Things About Leadership I Learned From My Puppy

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1939568_10203471981707259_791533610534686388_oI’ve really fallen behind with my writing. You could say it’s gone to the dogs. For the past three weeks finding time to write has been impossible. You see, we decided to get a puppy named Cassie. And, for those of you that have barked up this tree, you know that with a puppy around, finding quiet time to write is about as hard as finding your dog’s favorite bone.

But while my writing has suffered, I still think a lot about leadership. This morning I was thinking about the similarities between leading dogs and people. I know this sounds a little strange – but, people and dogs have a lot in common. Both have needs, personalities, and moods. They share a desire to learn, be challenged, feel secure, and receive recognition. Finally, both dogs and people react to different leadership styles.

I’ve think there are 8 leadership actions that…

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