Bad managers and their effect on productivity – Survey results

In my last post, I was claiming that bad managers cause employee demotivation and hence decrease productivity and increase turnover rates.  I conducted an online Survey and here are the results:

226 people participated in answering the survey and the outcome was:

1- In answering the question of “If you had the bad manager described in question 1 would you think of resigning?” – 67.3% answered YES

2- In answering the question “Do you think you can give your full potential and be productive with a bad manager” – 80.5% answered NO

3- In answering the question of “Assuming you work with a bad manager now will you think of quitting” – 67.3% answered YES

4- In answering the question “Do you personally think that a bad manager can negatively affect productivity and increase turnover rates” – 97.3% answered YES

5- In answering the question “If you have a bad manager and you don’t quit it is because…” – 50.5% answered can’t find a better opportunity and 42.7% answered can’t find another job with the same or better salary.

6- Amazingly the answers to the question “How many bad managers did you encounter in your career” were:

52.3% said 2 -5

32.3% said only one

3.2% said 6 – 10

0.5% said more

and the ones who said None were 11.8%

This means that there are a lot of bad managers out there!

Below are the results in graphs:


Bad managers and their effect on productivity

I am claiming that a bad manager will negatively affect productivity, hinder organizations from reaching their goals and cause high turnover rates. Please take the time to answer my survey below to tell me what you think….This is part of my MBA reseacrh work so I would very much appreciate it if you can do it and spread it to all your contacts to answer it too….. I need as many answers as possible to have accountable and objective conclusion


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