My Achievements

I. Improved the performance of the customer support department at an IT services company as follows: 

  • Increased the average percentage of accepted calls per day from 50% to 94%
  • Improved the average speed of answer from 3mins to 21secs.
  • Increased the percent of cases resolved and closed in the same day from 57% to 64%
  • Improved the ability of call center agents to resolve cases without routing to other departments to increase from 35% to 57%
  • Improved the average case resolution time from 35hours to 20hours


II. Improved the performance of an online services department in an IT company: The department had a 50% loss of revenues issue because of failing to book their actual revenues compared to production records. 50% of actual revenues were not listed in the company’s financial records. In only one month for example we had 87,000 LE missing revenues. I started working on this project on May 2005; on Jan 2006 I reached 66% reduction in losses.

By making sure that all team members are able to communicate effectively, we were able in 9 months to reach 94% matching between finance and production although we started with a 50% match only.

Most of my work was focused on:

  • Creating a clear workflow where every team member can know when to start, how to start, which template to use, how to pass on to the next team member and how to follow up.
  • Creating a common terminology where everyone uses the same word to mean the same thing.
  • Creating templates and IDs to avoid misunderstanding issues.
  • Establishing a performance evaluation method.
  • Introducing an automated process for the teams involved to be notified upon every change. This was mainly to make sure that finance are informed of all updates and changes.
  • Creating a monthly reconciliation process where financial records are compared against production and sales records to ensure accuracy.


III. Turned a problematic project that was over due for 3 years to a success in 5 months.  It was a field sales automation project for a distribution fleet.  The company had difficulty implementing and finishing the project on time.  I was able to tackle all hanging issues and resolve the problems.  In 5 months they had a running system although they strived 3 years without a line of code written.

IV. Warehouse management system at a company in Saudi Arabia: I was responsible of the project from collection of requirements to training and installation.  My duties were: Communicate via email to collect requirements, travel to meet the customer and refine requirements & perform a site survey, write a signed requirements document, supervise and manage the team doing the design document to adhere to requirements, create the time plan for the project and manage the team of developers to finish the project on time, perform system testing on the module level and overall stress testing, devise the training schedule and train the engineer responsible of executing the training & installation phase.  The system included three pieces of software: warehousing system running on handhelds to be used inside warehouses, warehouse management system on the PC to communicate with the handheld devices and generate needed reports & barcode printing software on the PC to print barcodes on boxes received or issued from the warehouses.  The whole system is built to account for a networked multi-user usage over the entire company network. The project was implemented successfully within budget and on time.