Thinking of resigning? What is your reason?

I want this post to be more of a discussion than me actually writing a post.  I am claiming that the strongest reason that would make employees quit their jobs is bad management.  I believe that one could hold on to a job with less salary provided that his manager is good and on the other hand if you will get a huge salary but work with a bad manager you’ll quit.  By a bad manager I mean:

1- one who treats his employees badly like lose his temper, discriminate, being harsh in his judgments, criticize in public, humiliate, not acknowledge good work, underestimate efforts, always creating stress and tension around the office…..etc.

2- Being unfair and favor some employees on others based on his own relations with them and not based on work quality and productivity.

3- Lacking time management and planning skills and being unable to balance workload.

4- focusing on trivials and not on core work issues

5- Not following clear, scientific and fair performance evaluation methods

6- following a centralized and dictatorship way of management and not opening room for creativity and innovation. And also not giving a chance to anyone to assume responsibilities and take decisions.

I believe that I can survive a job with a salary that I think I could earn more or without a very clear career path but to work with a manager that exercises any or all of the above is unacceptable to me.

What do you think? Please answer and distribute this post as much as possible because I would really like to know what people think.  It would be great if you could write your country of residence along with your answer to make the analysis more scientific.  I have discussed this issue with some people and we all tend to agree that in Egypt it is different than worldwide but is it really? I would like to know

waiting for your feedback



I would like to highlight that I realize that submitting your resignation is not something that you do impulsively and so many reasons can be involved in the decision. What I am really trying to measure here is the effect of bad managers on companies’ turnover rates.  I am claiming it is the strongest reason that would raise turnover rates and trying to find out what most people think