McDonald’s customer service

Today my sister ordered a meal from McDonald’s (Abbas El Akkad branch – Nasr city) at 3:30p.m. At around 4:15p.m she decided to call to ask them why her meal has not arrived yet. They told her today the restaurant is very busy and the orders take an hour to reach the customer instead of the usual 30mins. Whoever answered the phone added that her order has already left the restaurant and should reach her shortly. She hung up and waited until 5:00p.m. and nothing arrived yet.

This time I called and here is the conversation that took place:
Me: I ordered a meal more than an hour and a half ago and it is not delivered until now.
Mc’s employee: Please wait until I transfer you to the employee responsible of complaints. (his words were: “ el mas2oul 3an el comblain”)
Me(to the customer complaints employee): I placed an order more than an hour and a half ago and it has not been delivered yet.
The employee: Yes we are sorry but today there is a rush and orders take an hour and a half to be delivered.
Me: But when I called an hour ago you said orders take an hour, now it became an hour and a half
The employee: Yes we are sorry, it was an hour but now, because of the rush, it became an hour and a half.
Me: I was told an hour ago that my order left the restaurant.
Employee: Let me check
…….He put me on hold……
Employee: No madam, your order has not left the restaurant yet
Me: This means that you are not only late on delivery, But you are also liars. You lied and told me that it already left the restaurant
Employee: No it has not left, let me check when will it be ready
………He put me on hold………
Employee: It will be ready in 10min.
Me: I do not want it anymore, cancel the order
Employee: OK, just a second.
………..He put me on hold……..
Employee: OK, madam your order is cancelled now. We are sorry for that.

This is it!!! They are VERYYYYYYYYY late on delivery, they lie and tell me it left when it did not, the employee responsible of complaints, did not even bother to try to make me change my mind about cancelling the order. He did not try to compensate me in any way. And what really made me laugh is:
After I hang up with him by not more than 3mins, the door bell rang. I opened to find McDonald’s delivery man with my sister’s order!!!!!!!!!!!

They DO NOT EVEN know which orders left the restaurant and which orders did not leave yet. And they do not know how to cancel orders 🙂