Samsung Entaleq …. OR rather Stand Still!

Samsung Entaleq is a competition done by Samsung Egypt for developers.  Any developer who has an idea and is able to implement it on Android or on SMART TV can join.  The competition started back in April 2013.  I joined with an application on Android with two friends.  The deadline for us to deliver was July 31st.  We were promised to know the winners on August 15th.  The prizes are monetary, Samsung products and some sort of partnership with Samsung for the top three to help in marketing products and making money out of it.

August 15th passed and nothing was announced.  We kept calling them several times to know why the delay but we never received an answer except we will inform you.  Ever since several dates were set and then postponed again to announce the winners. Through September, October and now November all what we are getting is emails to postpone the results.  Now all applications are tested already and published on the Samsung store so they are not still testing or anything.  We were also told that the committee already decided on the winning applications.  The last email we received was today postponing the announcement again to an unknown date? They said we will inform you when.  What is this? what kind of planning and organizing is this?  How come Samsung would act like amateurs?? Doesn’t Samsung have standards? is it OK to lie to the contestants like this??  What could be an acceptable reason to delay announcing the winners for almost 3 months!!!!  I have every right now to think that they are liars and they never intended to give the winners the prizes and they just did it as a marketing campaign and they will never pay anyone anything.  I also have the right to believe that it could be fixed from the beginning and that they agreed with the winners even before the competition starts and it was all an act.


I have every right to believe anything because I was not respected by Samsung so why should I respect them???  How come a company like Samsung acts like this??  Doesn’t Samsung care about its name and reputation?? Why did they leave this competition to some amateurs to plan and organize??? IS there a competition really or is it a hoax??  Did someone already take the prizes and we are being lied at?? or did they announce prizes that they can’t afford to give and this is why they are postponing??

I don’t know exactly what they they are doing but definitely it is a Shame and it shows disrespect to the contestants.

By the way for those who don’t know Arabic,  Entaleq in Arabic means launch, start with speed, dash, set off ….. along this meaning. In fact it is not Entaleq at all, but rather Stand Still!!


More and more on productivity

I agree with this article, we need to plan our time right and choose carefully what to do when:

especially the point of pointless perfectionism. Some people waste a lot of time and effort trying to make things perfect when actually it doesn’t  have to be 100% perfect.  Or maybe if you go do some other thing and be more productive, when you come back to the same task you will do it even better.  Plan your time right and you will be more productive.


Do you believe yourself?

When you blame your employees for every mistake, do you really believe yourself? is it their fault all the time or did you do something wrong that caused the problem and you don’t want to admit it?

In this article statistics are shocking:

The study of 700 people by Florida State University’s College of Business found that nearly a third of workers in the past 12 months had experienced the “silent treatment” from their manager or supervisor.

This rose to 37 per cent who said their manager had failed to give credit when it was due, with a similar percentage complaining their supervisor made negative comments about them to other employees or managers.

Nearly four of 10 said their supervisor had failed to keep his or her promises and a nearly a quarter said he or she had invaded their privacy.”

Be honest with yourself and judge, do you really do these mistakes? I believe that often employees under-perform because their managers fail to get the best out of them.

Check out this list and if you do any of that, you need to erect your path and make a new start with your employees:

1- Do you promise and fail to fulfil?

2- Do you fail to acknowledge achievements and good results?

3- Do you focus your recognition on a couple of super performers and supress the rest?

4- Do you fail to have a clear performance evaluation criteria and methodology?

5- Do you micromanage?

6- Do you fail to offer an effective training and development program?

7- Do you fail to become a role model in time management, planning and throughput?

8- Do you fail to win the trust and respect of your employees?

If you have even a one yes from the list then you need to work on yourself before judging your employees.

Hello….is that YOU?

Do you have piles of “To Do” lists and Reminders on your hands? Do you keep writing the same tasks over and over again in every new To Do list? Do you keep saying I will do it and you never do? Do you keep jumping from one task to the next and you always find an excuse why not to get it done and finally you feel exhausted but when you check you can’t signal any task as done?

Is that YOU? Well, you have a procrastination problem!

Procrastination is a serious problem that can ruin your career and even an entire company if you are on the top of the hierarchy.

How to heal this?

1- Acknowledge that you have this problem and take the decision to heal it.

2- Understand why it happens? Why do you procrastinate?

a- Waiting for the right time or the right mood to get it done?

b- A fear of failure?

c- Underdeveloped decision making skills?

d- Poor Time Management Skills?

e- The task is unpleasant or overwhelming?

f- Perfectionism? “wait until I can make it 100% perfect”

g-……OR WHAT??

3- Take active steps to BEAT it.

Asking HOW???

Many things can be done to heal procrastination, for example:

– If the task is overwhelming, divide it into smaller task and take one at a time until done

– Always have an Urgent/important matrix to decide which task should you start with first.  Answer questions like is it urgent or not? there is also the rule of shorter job first that can help you get 10 small tasks out of the way before getting into something that will take a longer time span.

– Create an action plan and STICK TO IT

– Remind yourself of the consequences of not getting a task done on time.  Like for example by calculating the cost of your time on the job everyday you will realize how much you cost your company and hence your conscious will force you to get it done.  You could also weigh how this will affect the company image with the customer, its effect on other colleagues who are waiting on you to do something else and so on….

– Create your own reward and punishment plan to encourage yourself.

– If you know you are too weak to be able to do all the above, ask a colleague or friend you trust to check on you.  This way you’ll be ashamed to keep saying not yet.

There are many ways to heal this problem if you really want to, but you have to admit that you have it first.

Time….Your best friend or your worst enemy!

How do you manage your time? Do you always complain that you don’t have enough time to get things done? Do you always have hanging issues and tasks that you keep postponing and delaying? Well, I have news for you the real problem is ….. YOU!

Yes you, No matter how busy you are and no matter how many tasks you have to do, you have to figure out a way to manage your time and get things done.  The problem is not that you are busy and you have too much to do so everyone has to sympathize and tell you it is ok to delay tasks.  It is about how you handle your task list?

Here are some guidelines from my experience:

1- Shorter job first rule.  If you have some very small tasks that don’t need much mental effort, then start with those and get them done quickly then concentrate on the big ones.

2- Have a daily routine.  For example if you are a sales manager then you must have half an hour everyday to meet with your team for a quick follow up on their work.  It has to be fixed on the same time slot everyday no matter what, a quick catch up with some advice from you to charge their batteries and get them going.  Or if it is part of your job to read and answer a lot of emails then that too has to have a fixed time of the day to do and get it out of the way and so on.  You have to have a daily routine and sacred times of the day where you have to do what you have to do no matter what.

3- Meetings are sacred.  Meetings can be a lethal weapon for wasting time.  Any meeting has to have a clear agenda and a clear expected outcome or else refuse to attend.  If the meeting didn’t start on time refuse to attend and leave.  During the meeting stick to the agenda and finish on the allocated time and not later.

4- Learn to say NO.  You know your schedule, you know your priorities so say NO to anything that will interrupt your schedule – unless it is an urgent popup – don’t get dragged into exceptions that will always destroy your schedule and waste your time.

5- Concentrate on results, not on being busy…some people love the act of being busy all the time.  Sorry but you are just wasting your time and other people’s time too. Don’t enjoy the fact that you are not answering your email and not returning your calls by the excuse that you are very busy.  The fact is you are a failure!

6- Always have a target on mind. Why Am I starting this task? and when should I finish it? If you don’t have answers to these questions then don’t do it.

7- Set your priorities…decide what is important, urgent, can be postponed, can be cancelled all together.  Get focused and know what you want to accomplish to be able to manage your time.

I will post here the chart proposed by Stephen Covey in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people….Please check it out and see in which quadrant do you live to know whether time is your worst enemy or your best friend:

So Where are you?

Most of your time should be in quadrant II. if you want to succeed and make the best of your time.  Then Quadrant I. should have part of your time as well.  Know that you will never achieve anything if most of your time is spent in Quadrants III. or IV.  These can be real time killers that make you feel busy all the time when actually you are losing precious time in trivial matters.