Busy or Productive?

Being always busy does not mean that you are actually getting anything done!

“I don’t have time” , “too much to do” , “didn’t have time to read your email” , “ImageNo didn’t see your message, I am overloaded”

Familiar with these sentences? You are busy busy all the time but unfortunately you are not productive.  You can be overloaded and you can have a lot of things to do but yet you can get things done.

Time and priority management are the keys to success!

1- Prioritize your tasks. What is urgent comes first then what is important then normal tasks.

2- Don’t accept interruption while you are doing something. Interruption is a waste of time and effort and causes erroneous output. SO unless it is really urgent, once you start a task don’t leave  it until done.

3- Read your email and any form of messages you receive once you get them. Sometimes you’re concentrating in the task at hand but the incoming message could be related and will cause you to redo a lot of work unless you read it on time.  So go through your messages quickly once received and read carefully the ones you need to read now and then once done with the task at hand start reading the rest. Sometimes the reply is as simple as “Received thanks”, but people need it so do it!

4- Shorter job first is a valuable advice.  If you have something that will not take time and is very simple, why make it wait for a task that could take days? waste of time and effort.  Get all the small tasks out of the way and then give the time and concentration to the long tasks. You will be amazed that finally your pipeline is not full of yet to do tasks anymore because you simply planned your time right.

5- Stop trying to show everyone how busy and overloaded you are and get down to work and get things done!  When people see how much you accomplish they will appreciate you. But when you talk all the time about how busy you are and then the size of your output is negligible no one will acknowledge your being overloaded!

6- Focus on being productive not busy

7- DO it NOW not later!

Effort is very good and most appreciated but without accomplishments, real output , getting things done, effort becomes meaningless!

So stop whining all the time about putting a lot of effort, put it right and in the right way and on the right time and you yourself will be proud of how much you accomplish.


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