Positive Management effect on Productivity and Turnover rates

As part of my MBA, the objectives of my thesis research is to be able to prove that:
1- As part of Organizational Development, Organizations need to deploy positive management strategy to achieve their goals.
2- Show the good effect of positive management on motivation and hence productivity and turnover rates.
3- And accordingly the final target should be being able to set some guidelines to organizations on how to deploy positive management strategies. The research assumes the following hypothesis and seeks to prove it:
Positive management strategy is the way to motivate employees, increase productivity, decrease turnover rates and hence accomplish organizational goals.

Positive management is defined as a style of management that helps organizations build a competitive advantage by adopting management techniques that encourages employees to give their best instead of stressing them out to perform. Positive Management is about making good relations with employees to inspire them to give their best. It is about giving employees a reason why they should get up early in the morning to come to work every day to give their best and deliver. Positive management is very much related to organizational culture. Organizational culture is a set of values, understandings and beliefs that company members share together and positive management is about working within those beliefs and nurturing them to make employees motivated to get the job done. It is about realizing that people are the most valuable company resource and hence must be treated as such to make them belong to the place and want to give their best. Positive management is about building and sustaining a competitive advantage to organizations.

As part of the research I conducted a survey that received 234 answers with the following results:

a manager who fails to adopt positive management is resp for loss of prod

a stressful environment negatively affects productivity

consulting employees

do you believe management strategies have direct impact on employee productivity

how imp is it that your manager cares about your development

how important is it to adopt a motivational technique

how important is it to have a motivational plan

how would you define a manager who gives an inspiring tip every morning

if communication channels are closed

if manager demands and never accepts discussion

if manager fails to motivate u achieve your full potential

if manager listens coach and train would this positively affect you

if not innovation

if not treated with respect would you resign

if your manager doe sany of the following would you resign

if your manager is not your role model

keep a list of achievments

why keeping a list of achievements does not matter to you

would keeping a list keep you enthusiastic
male female percent

management strategy is more important than money

manager should coach and is responsible if emp fails to deliver

manager takes all decisions and does not consult

no clear strategy to follow

number one reason to resign

putting all considerations aside would you resign

reaction when you excel and never receive appreciation

relation between management behavior and employee well being

those who said no won't resign if bad manager mentioning the reasons why

unfair perfromance evaluation

years of work experience


What do you think? What conclusions can you derive from the results?


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