Bad managers and their effect on productivity

I am claiming that a bad manager will negatively affect productivity, hinder organizations from reaching their goals and cause high turnover rates. Please take the time to answer my survey below to tell me what you think….This is part of my MBA reseacrh work so I would very much appreciate it if you can do it and spread it to all your contacts to answer it too….. I need as many answers as possible to have accountable and objective conclusion


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4 thoughts on “Bad managers and their effect on productivity

    • Maybe you had bad experiences that made you think so but definitely there are some good managers out there 🙂
      I myself had a great manager at the very beginning of my career whom I learnt a lot from but then encountered the two most terrible managers in the world later on. They are scarce but that is because mostly companies promote and hire not based on the best fit for the job but for other reasons.

  1. There is a huge difference between management and leadership, a leader will share his team all the suffering, failure and success. Leadership is not something that you simply get trained to practice, unlike management, you just need an MBA and sometimes you don’t even need to :). That was my point. If you list the characteristics of the “great manager” you referred to, I bit you’ll end up, in some way or another, with the definition of a leader.

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