A leader without a title!

I just retweeted this saying by Simon Sinek (@simonsinek):

” A leader without a title is better than a title without the ability to lead.”  and it inspired me to write the post.

Thinking about it, it is very true.  It is not important to have a title as long as you have the talent, qualifications and skills of a true leader.  A true leader acts all the time, inspires and accomplishes.  A true leader doesn’t wait for titles because he is busy inspiring and getting things done.

A lot of people have titles but unfortunately they are unable to lead and what do we get? complete failure.  I was on vacation about a week ago and we went to reserve a day-use in one of the hotels in the north coast for my daughter to use the swimming pool.  The employee who is supposed to collect the money and issue the receipt, came and the first thing he said is “Where is the money?” I was shocked. Is this a way to treat your customers? does he have a Boss who teaches him how to treat his customers? Obviously he was never taught or inspired by a true leader or he wouldn’t have dealt with us this way.  This means that all his managers up to the owner can’t lead although they have titles!

Another unfortunate example is major-general Mansour el Essawy- Minister of Interior.  He has a huge responsibility on his shoulders and yet he failed to deliver so far.  I think it is because he can’t lead, he doesn’t have leadership skills.  We all do respect him for accepting the job in such tough times.  We all do know that he has good intentions and he wants to reform but unfortunately he doesn’t have what it takes. Until now we haven’t seen a clear reform plan inside the ministry of interior and we still suffer from instability and thugs in some areas are still terrorizing people.   Still some of the officers and soldiers are not doing their job at all or are not doing it right.  In any case this shows that their leader was not able to enforce his new rules, not able to inspire them to change their ways and attitudes and didn’t put a clear timed plan for fixing and reform and this is why things are taking too long to settle-in.

On the other hand we see a good example of an Egyptian citizen who has a clothes manufacturing factory, coming up with a good idea to help street vendors have a legal existence and at the same time overcome the problem of them blocking the streets and causing traffic jams or bottlenecks and making the streets look messy.  It is a good idea that solves a lot of problems and makes these people have a living legally.  The brilliant part is he was able to collect signatures from thousands of street vendors that they agree to the idea and are willing to implement although it will cost them some money.  They believed in him and he was able to convince them of the idea that will resolve an issue that we have in the streets (for the good of everyone) and at the same time make them a syndicate that will make their existence legal and will dedicate a place for them to sell at.   Now that is a true leader without a title.  He was able to make people trust him and believe in him and gather around him to reach a certain goal.

Egypt now needs a lot of true leaders who can inspire and accomplish without waiting for titles or power positions.



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