The secret recipe for Success

Many companies wonder how to achieve their goals, how to increase productivity, how to cut costs, how to enhance quality, how to get the best out of their employees,….how and how

Today in Egypt many organizations will wonder how to survive this phase of turbulence and come out even stronger. Well I have the secret recipe: Take care of your most precious and critical asset .……. EMPLOYEES

Yes, employees are not slaves, not tools and not a means to reach your goals…they are your partners and they should be treated as such.


1- Know “Why Am I here?” you should know why you exist in the market in the first place and then answer the following questions: “Where am I today?” , “Where do I want to be tomorrow?” and “HOW to get there?” i.e. put your own strategy.


2- After you answer all the questions in 1- decide on the skills needed to achieve these goals and based on them design your selection criteria and then start hiring.  This way you are sure that you chose the right people to join your organization.


3- Explain to everyone you hire the answers to the questions in 1- This way you make sure your employees understand “Why they come to work everyday?” it is vital that your employees understand why they come to work everyday and not just for the salary at the end of the month.  This way they are engaged and they will share your dream and help make it happen.


4- Employee Development … Employee Development…. Employee Development… You have to invest in your employees by internal and external training, whether in classroom sessions or on the job training. But your employees have to feel that you are keen to make them learn something new, acquire new skills and go through new challenges.  This way they will always be energized and will be motivated to give their best.


5- Create an environment that encourages innovation.  Have all your employees share new ideas and innovative ways to do their daily work. Never kill a new idea, but rather make it possible for everyone to innovate and share ideas. Have a pool of ideas and have a well established technique for discussing, filtering and choosing which ideas to develop.  You have also to acknowledge whoever comes up with an idea and reward him. This way your employees will love their work place and will be encouraged to engage and come up with worthwhile innovate ideas.


6- Have a clear and fair performance evaluation methodology in place to make everyone know how he will be rewarded or punished and expect it before it happens. This way there will be no problems related to why this employee got a promotion or why someone got a bonus or someone got penalized because everything is fair and clear.


7- If you want to grow, help your employees grow.  Train your employees in preparation for promotions and assuming new responsibilities.  Don’t just promote, train before promotion to make sure your employee is well prepared for the new position.


8- If you’re the type who is always busy, not answering or reading even your emails, no one can step into your office to share a thought or suggest something, your secretary is getting all your messages and never answering back, even your customers can’t get hold of you …..THEN…Know you are a big failure. Your employees have to be able to reach you easily, they have to feel that they are your partners and they have to learn from you. Yes there are times when you’re busy but you have to get back to everyone who tried to reach you and couldn’t, you have to be there to inspire.


Follow the recipe above and guaranteed, your productivity and quality will at least triple…You will reach your goals and will have room to devise new dreams and goals and reach them and so on to the very top.


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