Vodafone & The Worst Customer Service Ever! – Episode#2

Everyday I am more and more amazed by Vodafone!! After the event that I wrote about in this post:


And after I received the brilliant call that revealed to me the big secret that I am being charged two invoices together, a couple of days later I got a friendly call from a Vodafone employee and she was inquiring about my case. She told me I had the right to see a detailed invoice and she sent me one by email!!

IF this is possible why didn’t the call center employees whom I called earlier do this from the very first call when I asked how much did I utilize from my 2GB????

anyway ….

She also informed me of something I never knew before which is that the unit of charging is 100KB so if you use 50KB for example in one session you’ll be charged for 100KB ….another secret that Vodafone keeps from its customers!!

AND today I thought well I want to see my last detailed invoice as well just in case because I started doubting everything they do (sorry to say so) and my suspicions unfortunately were true I am charged twice for the same period!!!

The invoice I already paid last month covered my internet usage until 13-02-2011 and the new one that I am supposed to pay started charging me AGAIN from 07-02 until 18-02 so I am paying for the same usage twice!!!!!!!

Guess I have a big fight today with Vodafone and I am greatly astonished and angry ….what if I thought they knew what they are doing and I just automatically paid the invoice without checking and what is even worse the customer support employee that I called to ask for the detailed invoice had the nerve to tell me that it will cost me 20LE per invoice to send it by email.  SO I will be charged 40LE on my next invoice for asking for two detailed invoices to be sent by email!!!!!!!!! seriously?????

Would like to have a chat with the customer support Manager or Director or whoever is responsible of this level of customer care!!!!


3 thoughts on “Vodafone & The Worst Customer Service Ever! – Episode#2

  1. Just finished a call with Vodafone customer service and I got exactly what I expected as an answer: Yes you will see the same period on the two invoices but the charged sessions are different. They had an issue in the system last month that caused only part of my usage to appear on the last invoice and the other part this month. So I am not double charged but some sessions fell off from the last invoice…..
    Well as far as I am concerned , I can’t trust their charging system anymore … too bad Vodafone used to be the best!!!!!!

    • There are some companies that send SMSs and claim it is from Vodafone, this is why they say please make sure it is from Vodafone before you believe it

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