Vodafone and the worst customer service ever!

Vodafone does not seem to realize that they are losing their status in the market very fast.  I have seen lately several cases of extremely poor customer service cases with friends and relatives that proved to me that they are no longer the best.  For so many years they used to provide their customers with the best service ever and this is why we used to say “2ana Vodafone” as in their Ad.  Now I am not sure anymore!

I encountered a case with them now that made me really frustrated: It all started last Sunday 20-03-2011:

1- I called on Sunday morning because I received an email notification with my invoice value. I was shocked by it’s value as it was unexpectedly high so I called to ask why.  The lady who answered told me its because of my USB modem, my internet usage valued to this amount.  I said I doubt very much that I finished my 2GB limit as I rarely used the USB modem this month.  I asked her how much exactly did I utilize to pay that much? she didn’t have an answer and said that she will file a complaint and forward to the responsible department and they should answer back in 48hours.  It was a bit strange to me since I asked a simple question, how much did I use? does that need a complaint and forwarding to another department?? but I said ok I’ll wait.

2- I called back the next day Monday 21-03-2011 at night to see what is up.  The man who answered told me no it is written in the system that they will answer back on the 23rd. so you can call after 9:00PM to know the answer. So suddenly the 48hours became 4 days.

3- Again I called Wednesday 23-03-2011 after 9:00PM as I was told. The man who answered said: no , it is said on the system they will reply on the 23rd and the 23rd lasts until 12:00 mid night so you can call in the morning to see the result!!!! seriously??? Well I knew he was saying that just to get rid of me and end the call because definitely this responsible department will not work until 12:00 mid night but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

4- I called this morning and guess what?? same answer: NO ANSWER YET! the lady told me if she got an answer until 5:00 today she will call me back to tell me, otherwise then I have to wait another 24 hours and then call back to ask!!

I am really shocked! does it take all this time to know my internet utilization?? how come they issued the invoice if they don’t know how much I used…to issue the invoice they must have measured my consumption so they have the figure ready and can be sent to the call center by the press of a button!!! or at least I hope so because if not then Vodafone needs to revise the systems it is working with.

I am sorry Vodafone but I have been a customer since 1999 and lately you have been loosing me step by step until now I reached the top, I really can’t stand your level of support.  If your people are too busy to answer my simple question, then give me a tool that I can install and monitor my consumption myself!!! if you don’t have a junior programmer who can do this application for you, hire one but don’t torture your customers. I know that you provide a tool that calculates consumption but it is useless because it measures by PC and not by the USB itself…in other words if I used my modem on PC#1 it will tell me I used XMB, if I then remove it and use it on PC#2 it will start counting from Zero again and tell me again that I used XMB or Y so I don’t really know how much my account consumed.  It should be per account and not per PC.

I am not paying this bill until I have solid proof that I used that much!!! and I as a customer believe that I should have got an answer from the very first time I called or at least within 24hours!!

And ohh forgot to say that I filled a complaint form on Vodafone website as well and I got no answer at all!!!! not even a confirmation of receipt by email!! you obviously have no support standards that your teams abide by!!


3 thoughts on “Vodafone and the worst customer service ever!

  1. Too bad, the problem is that the large companies are always the worst when they should know better.
    Batelco (the largest and oldest provider in Bahrain) had billed me 300 Dinars (around 4300 EGP. for a 50 MB of internet usage!)

    Bad customer service plagues almost all the large and multinational organizations in the middle east.

    I have written frequently about these issues and would be interested to hear your comments too http://www.amrselim.com/2011/01/why-telephone-online-support-fail-the-middle-east/

    Thank you.

  2. Just got a phone call from Vodafone to tell me the following:
    We are sorry but your USB bill is charging you for last month’s usage because of what the country was going through we had difficulty to charge people last month for their actual consumption. So you are right you didn’t use that much this month but this is because of last month’s consumption that we were not able to add to the last invoice.

    My comment:
    Huh!!! and was this a secret inside the company??? the call center doesn’t know that people are being charged for two invoices together??? Why weren’t we told so last month when we paid the invoice, that we weren’t charged for our actual consumption???? OMG this is even worse than the previous situation!!!

    Well now I know that I am not wrongly charged but I know that things inside Vodafone are worse than I expected!

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