Employee Satisfaction

Just read this article and could not but share it:


This is an excellent example of employee satisfaction and Customer satisfaction as a matter of fact. The story is:

A customer at Virgin Atlantic was supposed to be picked by their free limo service at his hotel.  Some kind of confusion took place and the limo waited at a different door than the one the customer waited at.  The customer took a taxi to the airport and arrived so angry because there was a risk that he misses his flight. A virgin agent met him at the airport and knew why he was so angry so she helped him out to speed up the procedures until he caught his flight and she even paid him the taxi fare from her own money. When her direct supervisor knew he refused to pay her the money she paid to the customer to compensate for the taxi fare.  But the airport manager got to know about the incident and made the financial department pay her the money. He also made a point to make the supervisor understand that she acted the right way and took a decision that made an angry customer become pleased and satisfied and this is how every employee should act in similar situations.  This is the kind of environment that Virgin group has, Leadership is inherit in the organization and even the most junior employees are encouraged to judge, decide and act on their own the way they see fit.

Of course this employee was happy that her company acknowledged her efforts and that she got her money back. She will never hesitate to do whatever it takes to please the customer in the future because she loved her company. And because she knows that her company respects her efforts and appreciates her dedication.

Richard Branson , the owner of Virgin group, said: “When your employees are happy, your customers are happy, and therefore, your company is happy as well.” …. And this is very true, please your employees and they in turn will please your customers.


One thought on “Employee Satisfaction

  1. Great story about empowering your employees to make a bad situation better. I think many companies do not remember that one happy customer tells a couple of people and now (with social media) one unhappy customer can tell the world!!!

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