Group Bonding Activities

Want to achieve your goals? Want to gain customer and employee loyalty? The keyword is Motivation.  Motivate your employees and respect their work-life balance and you will be amazed by the results.

How to motivate your employees? There are several ways and techniques to do so; one of them is group bonding activities.  Companies can utilize group activities whether for work or fun to motivate their employees and get the best out of them.  Examples are:

If a company wants to design a brochure for marketing purposes or come up with a new slogan for the company they can make it a competition inside the company.  They can divide employees in groups and ask each group to come up with an idea and a plan how to market it and utilize it.  Each group has to be diversified i.e. from different departments inside the organization.  And the group who will have the winning idea will be acknowledged in a company meeting and all members will receive a monetary bonus. Such activities have sound benefits on the organization on all levels. This way you are making your company a fun place, you are raising the employees’ morale and making them enjoy being your staff, you are strengthening the communication channel between different departments, you are making your employees feel that their contribution counts and affects where the company goes and you are benefiting by getting lots of ideas with a chance that you will get a really effective one out of them.

Holding a social event for employees and families in special occasions or at least once a year can also be a great group bonding activity.  Employees can play games together, eat together and have fun.  These events constitute a good chance for employees to get to know each other better which smoothes their communication for work purposes later.  It is also a chance for the company to show that it values family life and that all employees are members of one family and their company is the parent.  Team working spirit and knowledge sharing and continuous development can be strengthened in such events.

You can also utilize such activities to involve all employees in decision making. If a company has a certain problem to deal with, it can be publicly posed to employees to share their ideas to resolve it.  If a company needs to increase productivity for instance, again employees can be divided to groups with a leader and each group can come up with an idea and full plan on how to implement it.  And the winning idea will be implemented and its team rewarded.

It is amazing how a company can flourish and beat the competition by making itself a fun place to come to everyday.  Show your employees that you care, and they will strive to make you the best in the market.


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