A People-First Culture

A people-first focus in any company is a prerequisite to winning employees’ commitment and hence motivating them to execute corporate strategy and reach the desired goals.
By a people-first culture, I mean that the company has to do the following:


  1. Start by hiring the right people. How? Know what your objectives are, what you want to be known for in the market and where you want to be positioned in the market.  Deciding on that, you can decide on your core competencies and hence define the set of skills needed to achieve your goals.  Done with that you can then define the selection criteria for hiring employees and then start hiring.  This way it is guaranteed that you have the right people in the right place at the right time.
  2. Devise and execute a clear performance evaluation system.
  3. Continuously coach and mentor employees.
  4. Help them develop and learn new skills.
  5. Devise a training system to help employees develop and learn something new.
  6. Encourage employees to assume new responsibilities and help them perform up to standards.
  7. Start from the top. i.e. make sure you are highly selective in your top management to ensure that motivation, innovation and continuous development stays the number one priority.
  8. Encourage employees to be creative and innovative. The more employees feel that their ideas are being implemented the more they become loyal and feel that they belong to the company.
  9. Involve employees in the decision making process, make them feel that their input is needed and appreciated.  The more they get involved in decision making the better their output.
  10. Respect the employee’s personal life and make them able to achieve the work-life balance.  Expecting employees to be at work all the time and give more than 50hours of work per week is just wearing them out and increasing the possibility of their quitting.
  11. Publicly acknowledge good performance and remarkable achievements.
  12. Privately penalize under-achievers and at the same time help them develop and learn from their mistakes.  Never make the employees feel that they are penalized for the sake of punishing but rather make them feel that you are keen to make them learn and develop.
  13. Give your employees extra benefits, like discounts in some hotels, special deals for holidays, discounts in restaurants ..etc. and every now and then make family gatherings to increase the sense of belonging to the place.

Doing that it is guaranteed that your employees will have a sense of belonging to the company and hence will give their best, which directly means that the company will flourish and achieve its goals.



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