Inception to the Manager


Just saw Inception – the movie, I enjoyed it a lot although I normally don’t like movies based on an unrealistic idea.  This movie is different though.  Strange enough apart from its main idea and theme and the so many theories written to explain it, the movie inspired me to write this post which has nothing to do with the film itself.

Again I am not writing a commentary on the film and I am not offering an interpretation of it, I am writing some hints and tips to managers that popped to my mind after I saw the film.

  • The idea of the film itself, that one person could dive into someone else’s dream and get some information from him or implant an idea into his head through the dream and make him believe it.  And the idea that people can delve from one level of dreaming into another and end up in a dream inside a dream inside a dream.  Totally unusual and unprecedented and normally no one would ever think of it because it is even not realistic.  But what does this tell any manager? The brain that came up with this idea must be a totally free brain that grew in an environment that nourishes creativity and innovation.  A brain that is never tied up by the musts and must nots. A brain that is not suppressed.  And this is the message I am trying to send to all managers.  Do not suppress your employees, allow room for creativity because you never know what they can come up with.  The most junior employee can help solve an organization’s biggest nightmare or help improve performance if left to be creative.  Allow your employees to THINK and don’t turn them into followers and machines that act as ordered.
  • The idea of implanting an idea inside someone’s head and making him believe it and act accordingly made me also think how powerful our effect is on each other.  We don’t realize how powerful our effect is on each other but it is true.  A manager can totally kill the potential of his employees by making them believe that they can’t ever do anything without him and without his instructions.  Some managers give their employees a very hard time whenever they try to be themselves and not an image of him.  And whenever they try to think outside the box and be innovative, they are killed right away. Given sometime and the more the manager acts this way with his employees the more they believe deep down that they really can’t do anything without him and they start asking him what to do and how to do it in every single detail.  They could even wait and delay some work because they have to ask him first what to do.  They simply become scared of his reaction if they act on their own.  So my second tip to every manager don’t negatively affect your employees and don’t deprive them from realizing their full potential.

Funny how one thing can inspire you with something that is not in anyway related to it 🙂


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