You Shouldn’t Need To Wield A Gun To Get Customer Service!

Just read this article by Simon Sinek that speaks about customer service:

I loved this statement at the end of the article: “I admire companies with the foresight to prevent complaints not the ones with the systems to deal with them.”

Unfortunately in Egypt companies always work on reactions.  They deal with the complaints when they happen but rarely care to prevent complaints in the first place.  Sorry to say too that most companies even fail to deal with complaints properly!

Here even if we tell the company representative that we are going to end our subscription and go to a competitor they wouldn’t care….It is a sign that employees are not engaged and they don’t feel that they belong to the company, they are just there for the paycheck…and that is a sign of bad management.


Loved the picture in the article too so i borrowed it, imagine having to do this to get customer service 🙂


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