Time Management Tips

I am starting to get back gradually to my usual activities after I gave birth to my second baby girl.  Now I have more responsibilities and a million things to do.  At this time the issue of time management is more critical than ever in my life.  I have the house chores, my husband, my baby girl to take care of, my almost 4 years old girl with all her needs and demands, my work and my masters that I need to resume soon.  With all this in mind I have to think how to get all things done without one thing being done on the expense of the other.  How to decide which is more important or urgent and which ones can wait.

I wrote a post about time management before but this time, I want to stress on the following points:

1- Prioritize all activities to start with the urgent then important then anything else.

2- Don’t think of all the activities that you have to accomplish all at the same time, if you do you’ll end up depressed and will not do anything.  Think of one task at a time.

3- If you have to do some tasks in parallel, then choose reasonably the ones that can be done together.  Tasks that don’t need concentration, thinking or decision making can be done simultaneously.

4- Don’t let anything or anyone interrupt your schedule unless it is really urgent.

5- Fight procrastination.  Don’t postpone anything or convince yourself with excuses why you will delay some tasks.

6- Delegate!! if you can get some help or pass on a task to someone else, do so! don’t insist on doing everything totally on your own.

7- Get rid of the time wasters! things like unimportant phone calls, chats or emails should not take out of your time

8- Leave room in your schedule for surprises!!

9- Remember that you are a human being and you need some time to rest and do something refreshing to be able to resume  (this is a luxury that most mothers can’t do 🙂 but we have to keep trying to find the time for it!)

If you want to succeed and accomplish anything in your life whether in your personal life or at work, you have to master Time Management.  Otherwise days will slip by and when you come to measure your accomplishments you will discover a big failure.


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