Should you promote your Top Salesman to be Sales Manager?

Just read this article and thought of sharing it with you:

What caught my attention is its title “Don’t Promote Your Top Salesman to be Sales Manager!”

Well I can say that I both agree and disagree:

I totally agree that not every effective and efficient employee in any post can directly be promoted to a managerial post. This is in general as well and not only in sales. Some employees can be very productive and do a great job in a certain post and once promoted to a managerial post you get the worst performance ever. This is because management needs certain skills. It is needs planning skills, time management, seeing the big picture, working on setting goals, and a lot of other things that are not part of the usual daily routine. If you don’t have the skills to be a good manager you won’t succeed even if you are the best performer in your team.
But again we can’t really say “Don’t promote your best salesman to be a sales manager” – what we can really say is make sure that he has the talent and skills to become a manager before you promote him and if he does then do it.

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