The Rules of Management – Managing yourself

As I mentioned in my previous post, the book “The Rules of Management” – by Richard Templar is divided into two main sections; managing yourself and managing your team.  Last time I wrote a few of the points mentioned in managing your team section.  Today I will list some of the points mentioned in managing yourself:

1- Set an Example / standards:

You have got to be what you want them to be.  If you come to office on time and even early and finish your work on time and finish it properly with high quality, and if customers love dealing with you, expect that your team will strive to be like you.  But if you come to office late and delay tasks and lose your temper on customers, don’t expect that your team will be any better. You have to be a role model. Whether you like it or not this is the way it works, your team will be affected and inspired by what you do not what you say.  So, if you try to preach what you don’t really practice, it will never work.  I liked the quotation he used “You’ve got to give your staff something to aspire to.”

2- Have principles and Stick to them:

“There has to be a line beyond which you will not go. You have to know where that line is drawn.” Some people won’t stop at anything to get a job done or reach their objective, no matter what the cost is.  But it is very true that when you have principles, when you have a line that you’ll never cross it really pays back.  Stick to your principles and learn to say NO and you will see that it will pay back.

3- Seek feedback on your performance:

Always seek evaluation of your performance, from your managers, your team, your peers and your customers.  Assess yourself and compare your results with the assessment of others to you.  See where you went wrong and learn from your mistakes.  See the performance of your team and know it is a reflection of your own performance.  Believe that you can be wrong and do things the wrong way sometimes, but learn from your mistakes.  Be thankful to anyone who tells you where you went wrong.  Always remember to seek FEEDBACK not PRAISE.

This is book is a nice guide to people who are aware of what it takes to be true leaders and successful managers, but people who think they are always right will not benefit from it.  This is not because the book is bad but because these people don’t listen except for themselves.

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