Do you hate your Boss?

It is an interesting topic to start thinking and listing all the reasons why an employee would hate his or her manager.  What do you think? For me I would hate my boss if:

1- He never recognized my achievements and never showed appreciation.

2- No fair evaluation of work.

3- If he always makes decisions without consulting with the team.

4- Shows no respect for his team and treats them like machines.

What is your reason for hating your boss? please contribute by saying your reasons…

Here is a very interesting article about the 25 most hated CEOs in America with a statement from some employees on why they hate them:

I see this article as enlightening to any CEO, Director, manager… anyone who manages a group of people should read this article and learn from it what to avoid in his practices.

The article is full of big names in Huge organizations and you will find it astonishing to see what employees think of their CEOs.


One thought on “Do you hate your Boss?

  1. You know. Sometimes I see that being aggressive and forcing your team to work like machines is seen by the top management as a major skill of a manager. I am talking about a real life scenarios. I can see aggressiveness is an important factor in evaluating candidates to be managers or not. From the company perspective, getting things done whatever the way is a priority.

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