The Decisive Moment! Bill Hawkin’s tough Call

Can you be that decisive? Bill Hawkin’s , only 3 months after being a CEO for Medtronics, he learnt that one of his company’s key products might be endangering lives.  Here’s how he handled it:

How many managers or CEOs can admit they have a faulty product or that they are offering a bad service?  most people tend to lie and try to convince their customers that it is their misuse of the product that is causing the problems.  But this is the story of a true leader who was honest enough to admit their fault.  Yes, his company lost financially a bit and lost some market share but it was not as hard as he thought it would be because people respected their honesty.  I am sure they will make up the losses real soon because customers always respect honesty.

Read the story and learn from a true leader!


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