If Only I knew!

I am follower of this blog and I like very much reading Fiona’s posts:


Here she talking about a bad customer experience.  Sometimes we don’t realize that the smallest action can cost us a customer.  The event of buying something and then experiencing problems with it and trying to fix happens everyday.  When you find a careless reaction from the vendor you get really disappointed. When you are trying to repair something, you get the worst treatment.  Although when you were buying you were treated as king.

What most companies forget is that their reputation in the market and customer loyalty comes from post-sales services and not from the initial sale.  This is a story of an unsatisfied customer who was trying to repair his Samsung laptop but could not and the conclusion was:

“I finally came to my senses and did not buy another Samsung computer and never will after suffering their terrible customer service.”

This is what you get when you ignore your after sales services.  If you want to gain customer loyalty and gain new customers everyday, then you have to strive to offer the best customer services.  This is more crucial than your direct sales service.

As the story shows, Samsung definitely regretted the way they treated their customer…so shape up your customer services before you regret it and say: “If only I knew it will come to this……”

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