What is the best opening remark?



When you are asked to do a sales presentation in front of decision makers, what do you think is the best opening remark to start with?




I disagree a little bit with his choice of the best opening remark though.  I think that you should start by briefly and quickly introducing yourself and then explaining the aim of the meeting to remind the audience why you are all here.  And then comes the point that he said is the opening remark, Quote a statistic.


3 thoughts on “What is the best opening remark?

  1. The problem with the introduction that you’ve laid out is that you just began your presentation like every other presentation those decision-makers have seen for the past 20 years. Plus, you started your presentation with information that’s important to you but not to them.

    You’d be far far more effective if you flipped it around, started with a relevant and startling statistic (which should tell a story all of its own) and then — after you’ve got their attention — introduce yourself.

    I can’t understand why you’d think it was more important to explain who you are and give some discursive theory about why you’re there, when you can go for the gut from square A and then build from that.

    • Geoffrey

      I do agree with you that a good start can drag the attention, but I have seen it so many times that a lot of decision makers come to meetings and the first thing they ask before even the speaker opens his mouth….remind me what was this meeting for? it is strange but it really happens. This is why a quick reminder in the beginning could help.

      But again as you said, it could be also a good idea to start with a startling statistic and then move to reminding the audience why we’re here. this is unless of course you were interrupted by the audience and asked to remind them first of the purpose of the meeting

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