Bad Managers’ Habits

Loved this article about habits of bad managers.  It is very true.  I encountered some of the mentioned points with managers I worked with and I know how demotivating they are.

One of the mentioned habits is:  “1.Change your mind. Change it several times a day. When reviewing a report, be sure to make comments that run counter to previous ones. Leave the employees guessing. It keeps them alert.” 

From my point of view this is one of the worst things ever.  If your manager keeps changing his mind and giving you contradicting views, you become confused and practically paralyzed because you don’t know what to do.

And this one is the one I hate the most “6. Schedule weekly “all hands” meetings that require half the employees to travel (to you, of course). Agenda: they bring you up to date on what they’ve been emailing you, but you’ve been too busy to read. Don’t introduce anything new.”  

It is really terrible when you have to waste your time in a meeting where you have to say what you have been sending over the email for the past week! if you don’t read your email, why do you ask people to send you update emails?

I recommend reading this article, managers should benefit from it to see what they are doing wrong and fix it. And employees will enjoy reading it as they will feel it was written to portray their own boss 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bad Managers’ Habits

  1. most of the managers think that these words are theoretical but when it comes to reality they think that they have all the rights to break whatever rules they ever learn or read about.

    don’t you agree with me that some people believe in change (bad change ) when they are in responsibility position, that’s weird.

    loved your blog (Y) keep moving forward

    • Thanks Mona for your comment

      and yes I agree that many people change after taking managerial posts and do exactly the opposite of what they used to ask their managers to do. It is weird, but like everything it is always easier to preach than to do the actions yourself

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