Another example of miserable customer service…Alain le notre

front_02Last night I went to Alain le notre in Marina – North Coast.  The branch is two floors air-conditioned and an out-door area.  Of course the open area was full and down stairs as well, so we decided to sit upstairs and enjoy the calm atmosphere away from the crowd.  We waited and no waiter showed up.  My husband went downstairs and asked for someone to come and bring the menu.  They said ok and then we waited again and no one showed up.  We decided to go downstairs and order and then go up and wait from them to bring it.  When we came downstairs my husband told them that we asked twice for someone to come and serve us and no one showed up.  I was surprised from the reaction!

Instead of apologizing, they asked us to sit downstairs claiming that the air condition is not working upstairs so it is better for us to stay down. This is in spite of the fact that we were sitting upstairs and the air condition was fine.  The truth is we were the only ones up and the waiters did not want to go up, they preferred to stay down because it is more convenient and the crowd is all down.  My husband told them that the air condition was working fine and that were he was sitting he felt the cold air on his face.  They kept arguing that it was not working and that it is better for us to stay down. We even explained that we are satisfied upstairs regardless of the claimed air conditioning status, and even then they insisted that we stay downstairs.  We felt the “I do not care” attitude so we decided to leave.  We told him no we are not staying down or up we are leaving.

This is the worst part…They simply said OK! they did not even try to apologize or try to convince us to stay.  Either we abide by their orders and stay where they want us to or we can go to hell….this is exactly the attitude.

Some people think that since i have many guests then if someone leaves angry or not satisfied, it is not a big issue.  And they think that this way their business will flourish.  Well I have news for all of you out there who don’t understand the customer service business, one unsatisfied or angry customer will cost you numbers and numbers of other customers and potential customers.

And by the way this is not the first time I have a bad experience inside Alain Le notre.  Once in Heliopolis branch i was not happy also with the waiters who were snobby and impatient and did not want us to ask any questions, just take your order and leave ….this is what I felt.

Again if they had a manager who knew how to monitor the performance of his staff and made sure they offer the best service to their customers, they would not have dared to treat their guests this way….It is all about management!


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