Are you a Freelancer? OR Do you need a Freelancer? … check it out

For the first time in the Middle East a portal has been launched to manage the relation between companies and individuals who need to hire a freelancer to get a job done and the freelancers themselves.  The idea has been done globally several times.  Sites like and are good examples of executing this idea.

The idea is, a company needs to get a certain job done but they don’t need to hire an employee and put him on the payroll just for this job.  Especially if they don’t have a job description for him and they will not really need him after the job at hand is done.  So, they consider hiring a freelancer.  Lots of risks involved of course, like he will not be up to the job, he will not get it done right, he will miss the deadline and keep stalling, he will take the down payment and disappear.  Lots of problems.

On the other hand the freelancers don’t know how to get known so that when someone needs them he can contact them.  Also freelancers are afraid of finishing and delivering the work and then never receive their payment and companies are very good at coming up with reasons why they will not pay.  Another concern is that the company will ask for one thing at the beginning and then the actual project turns out to be much bigger than their original statement.  So the freelancer gets under paid.

Portals that govern the relation resolve all these issues.


Is the first in Egypt and the Middle East to offer such a service.  I think it is a good opportunity for many people who wish to increase their freelance business and earn more money.

I am not sure yet how well it will be managed and maintained but it seems like a good chance for many people.  If you are a woman who wishes to work at home and earn some money, a student who needs to work while studying, an employee who needs to increase his income or an elderly who still wants to do something useful and add some income on his pension….Then Lancerscafe is what you are looking for.

Good luck to the owners and managers of the site because it is a big job at hand and needs a lot of attention to details.  It has only been launched yesterday, so good luck


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