Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Can customer satisfaction be measured? Indeed it can!

How many companies care to measure customer satisfaction?  Most companies focus on their financial status and cash flow and neglect to keep an eye of the fuel generator…..the customer.

There are many ways to know whether your customer is happy or not.  Surveys are the most commonly used way.  Companies conduct surveys whether online or in print to ask their customers what they think about their service.  The collected results are crucial to help you know what you need to develop and where are your weak areas to work on them. But in my personal opinion they re not enough.  Customers tend not to say the whole truth when they are filling a survey.  They might want to give you 5/10 and instead decide to make it 8/10, for no reason except they don’t want to be too harsh.  Also your survey might not include the right questions that would help your customer say their true opinion of you.

This is why other techniques along with survey work together to bring you the true picture.  For example: track your customer support department tickets.  See how many customers had more than one issue or complaint, how frequent they asked for your help, how long it took you to resolve their issue, how persistent were their issues.  Tracking these cases will help you know how far your customers are suffering.

You can also make occasional free visits to your customer and see how they are benefiting from your products or services.  You have to know it is not only about selling, if your products and services are not really benefiting the customer he will not be happy even if there is nothing wrong with your service. Being there with the customer will help you teach him how to make the best of what he purchased from you.  This will strengthen the relation and create not only satisfaction but also loyalty.

You can also analyze your sales figures and focus on the customers who are supposed to be your repeat ones i.e. they are considered a constant source of income.  Pick the ones whose purchases has declined or stopped, analyze the cases and see why it happened.  If it is something related to the quality of your service and/or product, then resolve it right away and try to regain the relation.

You have also to put in mind that satisfied customers are not guaranteed to stay your customers.  You have to opt for extremely satisfied and loyal customers.  To reach this stage it needs even more effort on your side.

One thought on “Measuring Customer Satisfaction

  1. In some cases the customer may be satisfied with the service or the support that one of the team gives him, but not satisfied with the companies’ support and forgot that this employee is working in this company. I heard it once from my manager in a previous company “you are a thief” for giving the customer a small feature that will make his application useful and it was missed in the RSD in a project delayed in the actual starting date for more than three months. Finally the customer renewed the support contract twice with the company till I left it.

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