Putting a game Plan




This article is about Roger Federer winning the Wimbledon and breaking the record of winning 15 grand slam titles, but I like very much the way it is written.  I talks about Federer as a “top manager” who is capable of doing great planning and this is why he wins.

Quoting the article:

“The Tages-Anzeiger hyped Federer as a “top manager”. “From zero to 15 in six years. He achieved a record number of Grand Slam titles in a stunningly short period of time”

In only six years because of good planning he was able to achieve a record.

“That shows that there is a lot more behind all of his successes than a phenomenal talent. He is also a passionate fighter, and he is masterly at managing his talent, and better than his opponents at making a game plan.”

I like very much the expression “managing his talent” – Yes, we need to manage ourselves, our talents and our time to reach our goals.  Also good planning is needed.  You can’t achieve if you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses and work on both and associate this with a good plan.


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