Why people Quit their Jobs – Survey!

Thank you for visiting my blog to answer the “Why people Quit their jobs” Survey, please answer the survey using the link below.  Its main aim is to try to find out whether the listed issues can be considered among the main reason causing people to quit their jobs.

For my blog readers, you will notice that I did this survey before on my blog, trying to analyze the reasons why people quit their jobs.  I tried to find out what is the most compelling reason why people would quit their jobs.  I am opening it again for answers because it is published in this month’s issue of Cilantro Central (the magazine published by Cilantro), with hope that we will get more answers this time from Cilantro central’s readers. If you have answered this survey before, please do it again to help us get combined results.

Here is the link for the survey: Please note that the survey is 6 multiple choice questions on two pages only – it will not take more than a couple of minutes of your time



4 thoughts on “Why people Quit their Jobs – Survey!

  1. Hi Doha, i don’t think the survey is designed well, because it presupposes that there are only several (insulated) reasons for quitting a job. From my experience, the reasons for leaving are usually pretty complex and can include multiple factors, none of which is mentioned in the survey. For example: the work had been challenging, i was lied to, the boss had always been on the side of customers against us employees, there’d been huge wasting of resources and different approach to employees of different nationalities – none of these reasons on their own would be crutial, but there was the combination – so i left :-).

  2. Hello Doha, i agree with Parvulus, quitting a job sometimes is not for one main reason, i think this survey is not accurate, i think u should let people add some points of their own, or try to put all the possible causes which lead to quitting, and i think also that quitting is not always about managers, sometimes it is about the whole company’s vision.

  3. re: Parvulus and dotAMR

    I did not say that quitting a job happens for one reason only. And I did not say that the points I listed in the survey are the only reasons why people quit their job. i am interested in knowing how would people react if they are subjected to the particular situations I asked about in the survey. The main aim of the survey is to ask whether the points I listed are considered from the reasons why people quit or not.

    Maybe I should rename the survey to be: Would you quit for those reasons? to avoid the confusion

    But this does not mean that the survey is inaccurate. I focus on management reasons because I believe that people can tolerate any other conditions more than tolerating a bad manager or bad management strategy and this is what i am trying to ask about in this survey

    Thanks for your comments

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