Vodafone messed up!

Vodafone used to have the best customer service ever in Egypt.  I was extremely happy that finally a company in Egypt knows the true essence of customer service and knows how to handle its customers’ requests. Whether over the phone or through a walk-in visit, I used to have all my questions answered and all my requests done in no time.

Recently though they adopted a new system in their outlets.  Obviously they hired a new manager who wanted to prove that he did something and associate his name with a new system.  Well, it is terrible!!! Whenever you need to pay your invoice you have to wait for at least an hour (if not more) and why??? Because of the weird system.

While you are getting in, you are asked to say your mobile number and the reason for the visit and then a piece of paper is printed for you that should indicate your turn.  You have to wait until they call your number to go to one of the customer support representatives. Until this point, it is ok.  BUT what is really not ok is:

  1. The system generates random numbers.  So you can have number 110 and you find that 345 is called and served before you so you never really know when your turn will come.  This is VERY bad as you can not estimate how long you will wait and it really gets on your nerves while waiting.
  2. All representatives serve all purposes, so you can be there to pay your invoice and you wait for someone who is still signing a contract for the first time and is asking about the different offers and bouquets, so you wait for ever! (although inside the branch they tell you that every representative is for one purpose only….not true)
  3. The system goes down too frequently and so you have to wait again until it is up and running
  4. The representative even leaves his station and goes to the mobile phones section to answer questions for customers who want to buy mobile sets!! can’t that be done by a specialized represntative.
  5. The queues of people waiting to be served are so long and very slow to move that you get disappointed once you reach the outlet and before even getting in
  6. It is possible that you are the first person to walk into the outlet while it is still opening and the last to move out! and do not ask me how, but it happened to me!

I have seen a lot of people complaining in the branches.  I have seen people leave without doing what they came to do because they could not wait any longer and I have seen people and I am one of them who filled in a complaint in the cards they leave in all branches to collect customers’ reviews. And in spite of all that Vodafone management is not responding and the system is not being changed or updated.  I wonder why?

This is a typical example of bad management.  they rushed into installing the system before making sure that it will serve its purpose. And what is even worse is that they are not responding to their customers’ complaints.


2 thoughts on “Vodafone messed up!

  1. 1- i have been using Mobinil since they started and i also used Vodafone and Etisalat
    2- Moinil is the best in customer service
    3- since i started using Vdafone 3 or 4 years ago the customer service was never good
    4- i also noticed many MISTAKES in the invoices … they simply wanted to charge me money that is not proper ….and it took me hours of talking to customer service attendants to slove these problems.
    5 – as an advice for you , you can pay your vodafone bill in any Radio Shack or MobileShop
    6 – i have filled in your survey regarding the customer srvice in the 3 companies today (13/10/2009) … u can email me for further details
    7 – u have a very powerfull blog , i liked it …i was directed to you via FlashCamp web site and it is a pleasure to know u

    • Thanks a lot Ihab, i am pleased that you like my blog.

      but allow me to say that your case is an exception. I know a lot of people using Vodafone and others using Mobinil and I find that the majority of Mobinil customers are not happy at all with their customer service. On the other hand the majority of Vodafone customers are pleased. I for one am a Vodafone customer and I am happy with their customer service.
      Regarding this post, The retail manager at Vodafone contacted me in person after this post and got to know all details from me. Within two months they enhanced the way they deal with their customers in all outlets a lot. I should have written a post to say this, but they are really responsive and they listen to their customers.

      Thanks a lot for answering the survey and please forward it to all your friends

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