Are We Passive? … Survey Results

Below are the results for the Survey I posted before. I must say the results are interesting. The results made me wonder, did people answer the questions with what they would really do or with what they think is right…. And there is a big difference

I received 296 views for this post and 81 out of those answered the survey (27% response rate). 9 out of the 81 skipped some questions.

Q.1 What would you do if your workload becomes constantly too high that you have to stay late at night everyday and come over the weekends as well?

  1. keep complaining hoping that your managers will listen and hire more people or manage the workload …until eventually you quit if they do not listen.
  2. Work with half Quality and half energy to avoid wearing out.
  3. Work very hard and never complain and accept sacrificing your personal life.
  4. Quit.


Q.2 What would you do if you never get any appreciation for your hard work (no bonus, no raise, no promotion and not even a good word of appreciation)

  1. Quit
  2. Become demotivated after a while and your work quality starts to degrade.
  3. Just keep working very hard and doing good work regardless
  4. Talk all the time about your achievements hoping that they will appreciate it someday.


Q3. What would you do if your manager promotes someone else because he likes him better when you are the one who deserves the promotion?

  1. Quit.
  2. Make a big issue and complain to his managers in an attempt to change the situation….and then quit if they do not listen.
  3. Accept and keep working.


Q4. What would you do if your manager keeps shouting and yieling all the time and creates a stressful environment around the office

  1. Try to get to his managers to get rid of him
  2. Stand up for what is right, even if this means you will clash with him
  3. Quit.
  4. Try to befriend him and agree with him all the time to avoid his temper, even if he is wrong.


Q5. What would you do if there are no more challenges in your job and nothing new to learn and even no promising career path?

  1. Try to be creative and improve your job yourself.
  2. Accept and keep working
  3. Quit


Q6. What would you do if there are a lot of distractions in your daily work and your manager keeps asking you to attend to things that waste your time and delay your actual work?

  1. Talk to him and try to convince him that these are time wasters … and eventually quit if he does not listen.
  2. Refuse to do anything that is not in the core of your job description even if this causes friction with your boss.
  3. Accept and work silently.


Question 4 in particular makes me wonder whether people really answered what they would do, because in my years of work I noticed that the number of people who are willing to clash with their managers are actually very few.

Well, the results say that we are certainly not passive, so what else could be the reason for work conditions deterioration….I wonder

3 thoughts on “Are We Passive? … Survey Results

  1. well i can tell you that most of the answers arent reliable
    bosses in egypt wont ever abide being argued with when they’re mad or immensely wrong and cant admit it
    and most of the egyptian empolyees ( and i mean at least 95% ) stick to the rule ” akl 3eeshy ya 5wana ”
    bosses dont share ,always ask for favors like employees always owe’em a dozen,and really annoying
    im still in college but that’s from what i always hear from the closest
    my brother works in the gulf and he’s always complaining about his boss ( whos egyptian ) for the same reasons

    btw im in commerce,business management dep. and i find allllll of ur articles verrrryyy useful keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Dear Hossam,

    thanks for your nice comment.

    I agree with you, this is what I thought when I first saw the results. Almost everyone says, I do not want to lose my job so i will obey my boss in whatever he does. This is why I thought people answered with what they think is right to do or what they hope they would do …. but certainly not what they really do

  3. i don’t know why but i’ve a gut feeling that most ppl answered this survey has actually answered it based on what they “wish” to do, not what they “can” actually do
    let’s face it, u can’t just quit in hope for finding another job, it will leave a gap in ur CV
    trying to converse with your managers is always interpreted as bad communication skills!! and most of the time affect ur performance evaluation if ur company have one and if it doesn’t then u r left in the wild with ur managers mood and what they “feel” about you
    life isn’t fair

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