Are We Passive?

I would like very much to know how active or passive most of the workforce in Egypt is. This is why I thought of doing this survey below:

The main aim of the survey is to know whether we reached the level that we will endure any working conditions no matter how bad they are as long as we have a job to support ourselves with.  Or are we still active enough and will not accept unfair or humiliating conditions.  What really triggered the question in my head is that I noticed in recent years that managers are becoming more and more unfair, not realistic and they haven’t the slightest idea how to get the best out of their employees.  The fact is most working environments now are demotivating.

This is why I wondered what caused this deterioration? is it because employees accept whatever is poured on their heads just to keep getting the salary at the end of the month?

So please help me get an accurate answer to my question by answering the survey below – AND PLEASE  forward to as many of your friends, relatives and aquaintances as possible.  I really hope i could get hundreds and hundreds of answers to be able to say that I have an accurate measure.

Thank you, click here to answer the survey:

I will leave the survey open for around 10 days and then I will publish the results


6 thoughts on “Are We Passive?

  1. I think the key is to manage employees’ expectations, I know a company that is famous for having a stressed work environment, a manager there just said it to me in an interview.

    However, they managed to outweigh this with a cool atmosphere, friendly people, parties and trips, and actually it’s working fine!

    So, the most thing I appreciate as an employee, would be that I don’t get struck by many things that just don’t agree with what I expected from the workplace.

    Most managers just do things, ignoring in whole what their employees expect them to do, so the situation is even worse, because something bad and even unexpected happened.

    You know in surgery, when they’re opening up someone’s body, with their blue uniforms, and all those sharp objects and so, I fail but to notice something very important!, every doctor, prior to moving their hands, during the surgery, tells the other doctors about what exactly is going to happen. I here them say for instance “I will move X cm across that blood vein, cutting through, expect blood”.

    And in software (heck!), the manager says: “OK, we have financial losses this month, we are delaying salaries (for the 4th time), we are applying new attendance policies, we are expecting you to manage your time on your own, collaborate with each other. Good Luck!!!!”. This happened to me, I was like “What the heck to I care about your financial losses, and where is my tasks, you’re not asking me about my tasks?!!”

    Like if the surgery Doctor says “OK, I’m scratching the back of my head, I will pick up my wife at 4 PM”, what does the surgery have to do with this?

    If both know, managers and employees, what to expect from each other, and I stress the words BOTH and KNOW. Things will just go fine.

    I’m Ibraheem, I read for you constantly and I enjoy your insights. I work as a Software Engineer at IBM Egypt (don’t worry, the above happened at another company).

    Hope you don’t mind the long blabber of mine,

  2. Great comment Ibrahim
    I appreciate your contribution and hope that you answered the survey..

    I totally agree with you, managing expectations is the key of successful relations. Not only in business but also in personal lives.

    Very true….When a manager does not explain clearly to his employees what he expects out of them and what they should expect out of him things become very messy.

    Please forward the survey to all your colleagues in IBM, I need to get as many answers to the survey (and comments as well) as possible

  3. I just want to say that your survey is only reaching people with options, i.e. people who can really quit or do something, so the results wouldn’t be very indicative of the job market in Egypt but rather of a very specific elite segment of this job market.
    Even if the results are varying you canont ingore the fact that the audience have options whether they choose to use or not, but they actually have it. Majority of work force do not have ANY options, not the ones you mentioned only

  4. Dear May,

    Thanks for your comment

    Everyone has a choice, we are the ones who deprive ourselves from the choice by being so passive and afraid.

    I am not addressing the elite or anything but of course I am not addressing also the labor who work in handcrafts for example.

    I am addressing all employees who are educated enough and have access to the internet (because obviously the survey is over the net). An accountant, a sales man, a software developer, a technical support specialist, a customer support representative, a secretary, a network administrator, an engineer, an architect, and even any governmental clerk who can use the net….. whoever…certainly not the elite

    And all of those have options but they are always too afraid and too passive, they choose to accept bad managers and bad working conditions and this is why it keeps getting worse. IF we stand up for our rights and for what is right, things will get better.

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