Why People Quit their jobs – Results

It is time to publish the results of both the poll and survey I posted last week (As a matter of fact I am late, it should have been published three days ago).  I received 235 views for this post, and out of those 47 answered the poll and 44 answered the survey.

I will start with the poll, the graph below shows the results:

From the graph it is clear that most people chose between “No room for growth” and “Having a bad boss”.  No room for growth came first with 39% and then Having a bad boss with 34%.  In search for a better salary took only 17%, 6% for annoying colleagues and 4% for the office is too far from home.

It is clear from the results that the reasons directly related to managerial skills prevailed.  Obviously if there is no room for growth, employees will be demotivated.  They will have no reason to work hard and enhance their skills, because they know they will not go anywhere.  Every employee must have something to look forward to.  Knowing that you have no option but to live and die in the same position, doing the same routine every day makes people give up and the quality of their work degrades.

And of course having a bad boss is suffocating and demotivating.  It makes you worried that no matter how hard you work, your boss will never be satisfied.

I think that the results of the poll are a clear warning to every boss.  If you are not allowing for room for growth and if you are giving your employees a hard time, expect that you will lose them one after the other.  Expect also that the best ones will leave first.

As for the survey, the results are as follows:

Question #1: 

If I have a Boss who is demotivating me & never appreciates my work or give me a word of compliment, I will:

Question #2:

If I have a Boss who is angry all the time, creating a stressful environment and always shouting, I will:

Question #3:

If I have a boss who takes credit for my work and never likes to see me praised in front of higher management, I will:

The first three questions are a clear indication to every manager that if he gives his employees a hard time, they will not stay.

Question #4:

If I work in a place where there is no room for growth, I will:

The answers to this question may seem contradicting with the poll results but they are not.  As a matter of fact the 19 who chose “Stay & try to create my opportunity” are also looking for room for growth, but they chose to fight for it instead of looking for the opportunity elsewhere.

Question #5:

If I find another job with a better salary although I am happy where I am, I will:

This is clear proof to all company owners and managers that it is not always about money.  If employees are appreciated and rewarded for good work and if they are motivated and if there is room for growth, they will not leave even if they have a better offer.

Question #6:

If I find a job near home although I am happy where I am, I will:


I find the results interesting and expected.  I hope that this could be a clear message to all managers and company owners to reconsider their employee motivation programs.  And to reconsider how managers themselves are evaluated and punished if they give their descendents a hard time.



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