Why People Quit their Jobs

I thought of doing an analysis to find out the main reasons why people quit their jobs. When I think of ordering the following reasons from the most to the least reason that would make me quit my job, I would order them this way:

1- Bad Boss.

2- No room for growth.

3- Office is too far from home.

4- In search for better salary.

5- Annoying colleagues.

I would like to know what most people think the main reason to quit a job is.  This is why I created the two links below:

The first one is a poll where you will vote only for the first reason that would make you leave your job.

The second is a survey where I need you to answer a few questions to be able to make a more detailed analysis.  Please bear with me and answer both the poll and the survey to make me come up with realistic results in the end.

I wish to really have an actual measure of the market so please forward this link to all your friends, relatives and aquaintances who work and urge them to answer the poll and the survey.  The more people contribute the more realistic the results will be.

I will leave this post active for one week and then I will reveal the results along with my analysis of them.


The first reason why I would quit my job is:
( polls)


View Survey


2 thoughts on “Why People Quit their Jobs

  1. Hello Doha,

    This is a very nice topic indeed. I personally believe the days of a single-reason-for-quitting are over. Most people (or should I say most experienced people) are now mature enough to look at a certain job from a “package” perspective.
    By that I mean, there are jobs, per say, where there’s no room for growth, a bad boss, and an average or below-average salary, but at the same time the workplace is close to home, the environment is not hectic, & the people are fun. The “quitting” formula is so complicated now that it doesn’t only vary from one person to another; it varies even for the same person at different career levels (or different life conditions for that matter).

    I’m not saying there are no common reasons the majority of people look at as deal breakers; I’m only saying that people now tend to personalize their perspective of their job to the minutest detail. And that’s why I sometimes wonder why some of my friends may tolerate a major reason like being underpaid or being marginalized.

    I found out later on that those friends have managed to find other conveniences in their jobs that I may not be able to comprehend. These conveniences can be as simple or as “ridiculous” as having a good office space, having good company at work, or being popular.

  2. Yes Ahmed, I totally agree with you that in many cases it is not a single reason that could drive you to quit. And the more experienced you are the more difficult it is for you to move so you have to weigh things more reasonably and take your time before taking the decision.
    But again sometimes some managers are impossible to bear so a bad manager can be a single reason that would make you quit in a minute. The other reasons are negotiable, but a bad manager is a catastrophe. And by bad here I mean (as clarified in the survey) a lot of things: demotivating you, taking credit for your work, creating a stressful environment around the office, not giving you the deserved appreciation for your work, not being fair in your evaluation, you do not learn anything from him…..
    In such a case I believe the best answer is to quit. Some people could think of reaching out to your boss’ boss and making friends with him to use this relation as your boss’ whip! but I consider this unethical.

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