Fast Food, German Style

This is an article that talks about a new restaurant in Germany that is fully automated.  They replaced the waiters with computers with touch screens connected to rails to the kitchen.  You order your food using the computers’ touch screens and a few minutes later your food comes running down the rails to your table!

I liked the idea very much, very fast and very efficient. But the draw backs as I see it are:

1- Not suitable for the elderly people as mentioned in the article itself.

2- What if something goes wrong? Yes, it is in Germany and all but nonetheless machines can malfunction any time.  What happens then??? How do they run their restaurant? is there a backup plan or not. 

3- The most critical point is, you already swipe your credit card after ordering.  What if something goes wrong and you did not get your meal, is your credit card charged already?

4- I think most people would prefer a waiter with a friendly look and a nice smile.  Human interaction is very important when it comes to serving food.  What if I want to comment on something in my dish?  What if it is not hot enough, what if I got a flavour I did not want,…what if??? Whom do I talk to!!

Not everything automated is good, I believe


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