Comparing Starbucks, Cilantro and Costa – Survey Results

Today I am launching the results of the survey comparing Starbucks, Cilantro and Costa.  The blog post I wrote about this comparison (dated 13-12-2007) received 526 views.  Out of the 526 readers only 23 answered the survey and the results were as follows:

I gave 4 points for every excellent, 3 for every very good, 2 for good, 1 for bad and zero for very bad.

As an overall result, Cilantro came in first place followed by Starbucks and finally Costa.  The overall score for each was:

1- Cilantro:
510/736 = 69%
2- Starbucks:
484/736 = 66%
3- Costa:
359/736 = 49%


As an overall score, all the results are pretty bad.  If you are a service provider and your customers give you a grade of 69% as an evaluation of your service, you should not be thrilled at all.  It could be impossible to reach 100% but definitely you should be working all the time to reach a minimum of 85% score.

The detailed results (per question) are as follows:
I must say though that I am not comfortable with the results because the number of people who answered the survey is very few compared to the number of people who actually read the post.  But nonetheless it is an indication of what people think of the service in those places.  I consider questions 2, 4, 5 and 8 as the most critical ones because based on them people will decide whether to go again to the same place or not. 

Question 1: Cleanliness of the place


Question 2: How friendly, prompt and professional the waiters are


Question 3: Quality of food and drinks


Question 4: Speed of service


Question 5: Quality and usability of take away utensils


Question 6: Working hours


Question 7: Environment


Question 8: Cost


How many companies and service providers in Egypt think of surveying their customers to know how they rate their service?
Frequent Questionnaires and Surveys are critical to the success of any company.  You must stay in touch with your customers.

One thought on “Comparing Starbucks, Cilantro and Costa – Survey Results

  1. I don’t believe I can respond, since I don’t even know the other two companies.
    BUT WE BOYCOTTED Starbucks almost a year ago. ICNA called for the boycott since StarBucks contribute 1C of every Dollar they make (in the US) to ISRAEL…!
    I thought you may want to know.

    Your qualifications and acheivements are quite impressive!
    WOW I glad I am related to you…!
    I am glad I have a neice that is this smart, actually a Wis KId…!

    Greeting to you all.


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