This is What I call Customer Service

Do you want to reach the customer loyalty stage? Do you want your customers to believe that their satisfaction matters the most to you? Well, actions speak louder than words.  You have to treat them the way that makes them feel so.  Do not only use slogans about customer satisfaction in your marketing campaigns, customers will not remember any of those.  It is how they are treated that matters.

A couple of days ago I called a small pharmacy near my house to ask them to deliver some medicine.  The phone rang and they did not answer so I hung up.  A few minutes later I was surprised to find the pharmacy call me back and ask if I wanted anything and apologize for not answering.  Well!! This is what I call customer service.  I was happy to see that they keep track of their unanswered calls.  They are keen not to loose a single customer.  They made me feel that I really matter to them. To be honest this pharmacy was not the main one that I always get my needs from.  But after this action on their side, I felt comfortable calling them whenever I need something.  This is mainly because I felt that they are keen on every sale.  They really understand the meaning of customer service and their customers are important to them.

This is what I mean by concentrate on your actions.  You can say all the nice words in the world in your marketing campaign but your actions can spoil it all.


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