Why teams fail

If we think why teams fail, it is always because of lack of proper communication. The biggest responsibility lies on the manager even if the team is weak. The manager controls everything, and it is his job to get the best out of each member in his team. No one is weak in everything, so the manager has to know the points of strength of each member of his team and utilize it to get the best results.

What actually happens is managers do not:
1- Have a clear vision.
2- Set a clear direction with priorities.
3- Support their team members.
4- Motivate their team members.
5- Create a healthy and cooperative environment.
6- Reward when deserved
7- Punish when earned
8- Hold effective and to-the-point meetings.
9- Share information when needed.
10-Understand their teams’ differences and their feelings.
11- Develop team members with potential.
12- Manage the interface between their teams and the rest of the organization effectively.
13- Get proper feedback from the team.
14- Deal with negative behaviour from inside the team to avoid its bad effect.
15- Allocate resources effectively.
16- Create and manage balanced work loads.

On the other hand team members do not:
1- Develop themselves on their own to enhance their work quality.
2- Take responsibility for all their actions.
3- Put aside any personal differences with their team members.
4- Avoid wasting the time on self interests and making sure no body else gets promotion before they do.
5- Avoid wasting their time trying to befriend the boss instead of earning any reward or promotion by the quality of their work.

But again a good manager can erect any negative actions from his team members. So it is always up to the manager to make a team fail or succeed.


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