Think you are a good manager?

If you are not sure how good you are as a manager, read this. I will list some of the things that bad managers do. If you find yourself doing any of those, then you are a bad manager.

1- Do not listen to their employees. These types of managers think that they are always right and hence no need to listen to ideas from their employees. This is the first step to failure.
2- Embarrass their employees in public. By criticizing them and highlighting their mistakes in front of each other or in front of someone else.
3- Withhold praise. Some managers think that if they praise anything good their employees do, they might cause them to think highly of themselves and hence their performance degrades. This is not true; praising good work is an essential tool for motivation.
4- Be vague in what they say and do. Those managers are difficult to understand and they leave their employees always confused what to do and what not to do.
5- Enforce unrealistic rules. Weak managers enforce unrealistic rules that are too harsh to follow and treat their employees as slaves to cover their weakness.
6- Never say they are sorry or wrong. Some managers never admit their mistakes. This is fatal as it causes them to fall into series of mistakes.
7- Never acknowledge individual differences and talents. A good manager should be wise enough to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his employees and work to get the best of everyone understanding their differences.
8- Treating all employees the same way. Yes, a good manager has to be fair and has to set and execute the same rules of reward and punishment. But he has also to be wise enough to understand the way that positively impacts everyone. Some employees do not work hard unless closely monitored and harshly treated, some others do not excel except when they feel they have a room of freedom…. And so on. A good manager should be wise enough to know how to treat each of his employees to bring the best out of him.
9- Never support employee development. Bad managers are always afraid of their employees’ improvement and development. This is because they are insecure and afraid if they develop, they could loose their job. A real manager creates leaders; hence he should always work on improving and developing his employees’ skills.


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