CIB Customer Support – Should I laugh or cry or ….?

I mentioned customer support before and today I have an example of the worst customer support ever that I went through myself. My father had an account at the CIB Bank; the university opened it for him to transfer his salary. After he died and we had “2e3lam al weratha” (the document that we use to prove that we are the heirs and that we can collect the money and close the account) ready, I went to the bank and gave them a copy of the death certificate and 2e3lam al weratha and they informed me that they will start their procedures and the money should be ready within one to two weeks. They said they will call when they are ready.
After one week passed and no one called, my mother went to the bank to check out what happened so far. To our astonishment, they kept searching for our papers until they found them. And then they discovered that they have not done anything and that the papers were put aside and no one took care of the matter. On that day mom revived the issue again and they promised us another date to come to collect the money. When we arrived on the day they said everything will be ready, we stayed there for an hour and a half waiting for them to finish their paperwork. After all this waiting the customer support representative went to the branch manager and came back to tell us, sorry we can not issue the money for you. WHY? — The funny part is coming — They have to check with the university because the money was transferred to the account after my father’s death and they are afraid that the university might have transferred the money by mistake and that they might come back and request from the bank to return the money!!!!!
What is really frustrating is they had more than two weeks to finish their procedures and paperwork, why didn’t they do all the checks they need? Why did they wait until we came to tell us this frustrating piece of news? And even if the university is stupid enough to transfer money by mistake, legally they can not ask to get it back because it is already in our account and legally it became our money.
I do not want to comment now because I am furious; I’ll wait until I calm down 🙂


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