Work Ethics

Have you ever felt pressured to compromise your values in order to succeed? Have you ever lost your job because you refused to do something against your values and beliefs?

I have, I did not lose my job but I faced a lot of problems because I never agree to compromise my values. I always stand to what I believe in, which often makes me the dull person around the office. Everything has changed what is right became wrong and what is wrong became right. The following became the trends:
1- Employees come very late to work.
2- Employees spend a lot of time chatting and socializing.
3- Employees spend a lot of time talking over the mobile phone.
4- Employees spend a lot of time over the MSN messenger, facebook,…or whatever other distraction.
5- The rest of the time is spent in pretence; employees fake the busy appearance to seem that they are working very hard although they are doing anything else.
6- Go around the office talk about how hard you work and that without your efforts this company would have been a mess.
7- Take credit for other people’s work
8- Feed his/her boss’s ego and spend a lot of time in his office praising him and his work. And of course agree to whatever he says even if it is a stupid thing.
9- Try to go up the hierarchy on other employee’s shoulders. Try to cause trouble to their colleagues to get an undeserved promotion.

The result is they get promoted and their work is praised.

On the other hand if you work hard and do not do any of the points above you are not liked. Your boss thinks you are dull. Your colleagues can easily make your boss think that you hate him or that you are criticizing him behind his back (even if you don’t) and you will not get promoted although you are the one who deserves the promotion. You might even be put in the situation where your boss envies your intelligence and success and tries to get rid of you in order not to reveal his weakness.

Do you think there is hope that the workplace will get clean again? Do you think that one day we will see qualified people only in their deserved posts? I hope so!!!!


3 thoughts on “Work Ethics

  1. Of course there’s always a hope but this will never happen if the owners, managers, leader never admit that they are having a problem.
    I’ve been working in organization like this before and I guess the problem started by putting the wrong person in the wrong place and because those persons are not qualified enough so they won’t be able to make decision and they prefer to hire non qualified employees to be able to manage them so instead of working on finding a solution to the problem they are making another problems and because those people are the majority so it make sense to promote them, to clean organization like this we have to start from the top we have to work on the system destroy the old one and build another one based on principles and values and we have to start with our self because if the CEO spending most of the time chatting on msn don’t blame anyone else for doing the same .

  2. I think this because there is no rules or roles, no body knows his responsibilities or duties and due to this fact, workplace becomes a place we go everyday and we get money every month, we don’t care whether the job is done or not. (Eyakshy Tewla3)
    and that’s why day by day it gets worse because effective people start leaving because they can’t work in such place, but the others who prefer to stay, they stay because they like chaos when nobody knows that they are stupid or at least unqualified.

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