Management Issues

Our biggest and most serious problem in Egypt is management. The main reason, as I see it, is because unqualified people reach managerial positions. Those employees gain their way up the hierarchy because they were able to befriend their boss and make a show that they are the best employees ever, although they are unqualified. When they become managers they make a mess.

Here are some of the issues that customers and employees suffer from because of unqualified managers:

1-Lying to customers: some managers think that the best way to deal with the customer is to promise anything (the sky is the limit). They think that whatever the customer asks for, they must promise that they will deliver even if they know they can’t. Some promise delivery dates that they can not fulfill, just to get the deal and then they keep coming up with excuses to calm the angry customer. Some promise to deliver products that they know they can not develop because they do not know the “know-how”. They promise nonetheless and then start searching for someone with the required expertise to hire, a process of course that can take time and effort and it is possible not find him in proper time.

NEVER LIE TO THE CUSTOMER (Or potential customer). The best way to get a deal is to be honest and to promise only what you can fulfill. When the customer deals with you once and sees that you keep your word and you deliver what you promise, he will ask for more business with you and he will recommend you to others. On the other hand if you lie, he will just finish the current deal with you and will never want to see your face again. His frustration and anger will make you loose at least from 8 to 10 potential customers.
2- Overloading employees: To get as many deals as possible, managers accept too many projects at the same time. They do not think of their resources, all they think of is closing the deal. The result is overloaded employees who are worn out, they can not concentrate and hence quality of the work degrades. Managers to exercise their authority start criticizing and pressing more and more on the employee’s nerves. This in turn results in even worse quality of work, missed deadlines, angry employees and angry customers.

BUILD REASONABLE PLANS AND BALANCED WORKLOADS. Do not pressure your employees if you want to get quality. Do not also leave them too much free time. A balanced workload is always wise. Remember that if your employee wears out you will loose all the projects that you were so eager to gain. Delivering two successful projects is better than loosing ten.
3-Being a Dictator: Some managers think that the best way to manage is to become a dictator. They only see and hear themselves. They leave no space for employees to express their opinions. Although, if they think carefully they will realize that if they leave room for discussion they will get better results.

NOT TOO BOSSY / NOT TOO LOOSE. Balance yourself between being organized, firm and exercising your authority and at the same time listening to your employees. Remember you are one team and you should play as a team to win. Remember that you are human and you can and will make mistakes. So, do not rely on your head only. Befriend your employees and gain their trust to get the best out of them. But, do not make them rule!
4-Not being fair: Be fair in evaluating the performance of your employees. Do not judge based on who is nice to you or who is praising you and agreeing with whatever you say. Evaluate based on output and performance.



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