How to put a Business Plan?

Any business plan in general should include:

1- Defining a plan for ongoing projects:
Any on going project should have a time plan i.e. a deadline for it to be completed, A budget estimate and a goal. We should state how do we intend to benefit from it and what should be the minimal gain out of it.
2- Analyzing all our services:
Putting a plan on how to enhance our service and how to better benefit of what we have. This should have a time plan as well and cost estimate.
3- Analyzing all our existing clients:
The main aim is to see how we can better serve them. Whether we want to offer special promotions to our clients or not. And if we do make special offers, to whom, when and how. The budget allocated for that purpose should be defined. A time plan is very important to pick the best time to place our offer. Also what do we intend to gain out of these promotions is very important since we will spend money so we have to know that we will collect more than what we will spend.
4- A time plan on how to approach new customers.
A well-defined time plan and a budget should be allocated for that purpose as well.
5- Development needs:
All our internal needs to achieve all the above stated points. Things like hiring people if needed, attending training courses if needed, buying needed equipment like computers….and so on.
A budget limit should be allocated for that purpose and all our needs should be well defined.
6- Marketing plan:
Should we use advertising in news papers? or should we plan a seminar and invite people to attend and get to know about our services? what is our budget for such a market campaign? how many adds or seminars can we do for the whole year? All this should be planned ahead.
7- A new Idea:
In any business plan, you have to have one new idea. Something new that you want to do this year. The whole year should be its time limit. A budget should be allocated for it and it should be our goal for the year
8- Market research:
We should carefully study the market and assess the competition. We have to know where we stand facing our competing companies. We have to state our weak points in comparison with the competition and put a plan to solve it. This plan should have a time and cost estimate.

And of course, for all the points above, the plan has to be honest and realistic. Never overestimate or underestimate your capabilities. Also never include something in your plan that you know you can not and will not accomplish.


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